Launch of NaturalistaUY

On Monday 13th December at 18hs was the launch of NaturalistaUY, the national iNaturalist site in Uruguay, a collaboration between Biodiversidata and JULANA, with the support of the National Geographic Society. This citizen science platform is used in various regions of the world to record biodiversity and assess changes over time. Its website and mobile app allow both uploading records and identifying species, as well as exploring records and species in Uruguay and around the world.

NaturalistaUY: where are there more opportunities to fill information gaps?

This work was presented at the LatinR Conference 2021. Using as a basis the data entered into the iNaturalist platform for Uruguay (downloaded on 21 October 2021), we set out to generate an interactive map that ranks areas with biodiversity data deficits and allows us to highlight those where additional biodiversity records could be particularly valuable in filling knowledge gaps. The grids were categorised as ‘No records’, ‘Very High’, ‘High’, ‘Medium’, ‘Low’, and ‘Very Low’ priority, based on each taxonomic group.