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A database of records from tetrapod species native from Uruguay

We here present a comprehensive database of tetrapod occurrence records native from Uruguay, with the latest taxonomic updates. The database provides primary biodiversity data on extant Amphibia, Reptilia, Aves and Mammalia species recorded within the country. The total number of records collated is 69,380, spanning 673 species. This is the largest and most geographically and taxonomically comprehensive database of Uruguayan tetrapod species available to date and it represents the first open repository for the country.

Number of Occurrence Records Number of Species Records without Date (%) Records from the last 30 years (%)
Amphibia 2,530 51 1,780 (70.4) 683 (27.0)
Reptilia 2,308 68 1,999 (86.6) 224 (9.7)
Aves 60,627 437 131 (0.2) 60,308 (99.5)
Mammalia 3,915 117 1,687 (43.1) 1,122 (28.7)
Total 69,380 673


The dataset is available at our Zenodo repository


It may continue to be updated with new records periodically; check the Zenodo repository for the latest version.

Last Updated: 20/06/2019

Occurrence records

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Last Updated: 06/07/2019

If you use the data, please cite as:

Grattarola F, Botto G, da Rosa I, Gobel N, González E, González J, Hernández D, Laufer G, Maneyro R, Martínez-Lanfranco J, Naya D, Rodales A, Ziegler L, Pincheira-Donoso D (2019) Biodiversidata: An Open-Access Biodiversity Database for Uruguay. Biodiversity Data Journal 7: e36226.

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